In this article I would like to reveal the TRUTH...before it's too Late! 

I am sure all of you have heard of the Illuminati and their plans of creating the New World Order. Well, forget everything you knew, because I am going to PROVE something you couldn't have guessed in your wildest dreams.
Members of the Illuminati are actually...trees!!
First I am going to show you EVIDENCE of something I've been suspecting for a very long time: Trees are intelligent beings! BUT: they are very unlike us because they have "plant intelligence" ! If animals can evolve to be intelligent then plants can too. They came out of the ancient oceans long before animals, and inhabited dry land. Everybody knows intellect can't develop in water because the pressure squeezes the brain and gives it a headache.

On the dry lands without pressure plants grew smarter and smarter. (the larger they are the smarter they get) I have calculated that some trees possibly have IQ over 231!!!!
It is a FACT that there are many things we don't know about trees. They have parts that's functions are unknown. I can prove they have a central nervous system (brain) !!

Shocking but true!!!  I hope you believe me, because what I am about to write might save your life!
The Truth is: The Illuminati was formed 65 million years ago! Their one cause: to kill all the dinosaurs.
You see, for a very long time trees ruled the Earth. But when dinosaurs came they became mere prey. The most intelligent trees formed the Illuminati, and devised a diabolic plan to get rid of them.
The Dinosaurs were nuked!!!!
They used a huge atomic bomb to kill all the dinosaurs and than disguised it as a meteor impact.
With this ingenius strike they became rulers of the planet once again. But not so long ago their reign ended when the first humans started to use them as firewood. We abuse them ever since (furniture,food, pollution, etc. ) and now they are fed up with it.
This time their plan is even more subtle then their last: they want to suffocate us!!!!!!
You have probably heard that plants are producing oxygen and using CO2.
LIE!!!! This LIE was made up by the government and spread by the educational system!
I have EVIDENCE for this: Did you know that every biology book written before the 19. century says plants use oxygen and produce CO2 just like we do? Were they wrong? NO!
The TRUTH is: around 1820 or so scientist have calculated that at the rate plants are consuming oxyigen the Earth will run out of it around 2010!!!   
This is how the Illuminati is trying to kill us all! They've been doing it for thousands of years and they're almost done!!
Since the Discovery was made governments all around the world spread this LIE about plants to avoid global hysteria!! 
This is why more and more forests are leveled each year despite all those Greenpeace protests! (if only those fools knew the TRUTH...they would grab some chainsaws themselves!)
My calculations show that if we don't burn every tree on the planet FAST we will run out of Oxygen on December 14. 2013!!!!
We must act fast if we are to stop the Illumanti from their human-free New World Order!  (think about what happened to the dinosaurs! )

Take that!!!

Author - Fejsze



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