DRAMATIC NEW PROOF OF ISRAELI 911 GUILT - Sharon's Ballistic Strike

The official story is that on September 11, 2001, a Boeing Jumbo Jet hit the Pentagon. Many however question the official line arguing that a jumbo jet could not have caused the devastation observed in photos of the aftermath. Some of these people propose that a missile hit the pentagon, others that it was a Predator Hawk drone. This is quite obviously blatant disinformation put out by Zionists. It has been proven that Israel was behind the 911 attacks. No one in their right mind could keep a straight face and DENY this fact, but until now there has been no substantial proof. However, new evidence shows conclusively that the damage caused to the pentagon was directly inflicted by none other than Israeli leader Ariel Sharon himself. You can deny this but you can NOT deny it once you hear the FACTS. It was not a plane that hit the pentagon and it was not a missile. The truth is


"Happily, the art of human ballistics has reached such a pitch of perfection that it's no more dangerous than shaving with a chainsaw."

Human ballistics has a long history in military operations. Used by the British in the Zulu wars with slaves quite literally as 'cannon fodder' and more recently by the Germans in World War 2 to blast soldiers behind enemy fronts.

The human cannonball can be a weapon equally as deadly as a stealth bomber or fighter plane.


The groundwork for the Pentagon attack had been laid long in advance. What appeared as innocent spectator events on American soil were in reality preparations for a more sinister purpose.


Using highly sophisticated simulation software the flight trajectory was calculated to within a thousandth of a degree.


Ariel Sharon is known to have an 80' waistline. This well known FACT cannot be refuted. Neither can it be disputed that the hole in the Pentagon was 80' wide. Is this another coincidence we're supposed to accept?

There is also the strange, well known rumour of Ariel Sharon visiting a circus where he watched a man being fired from a cannon. Afterwards he reportedly said he would quite like to have a go at that, though no one knew if he meant he wanted to be a human cannonball or he wanted to fire the cannon at Palistinians. Now we KNOW what he meant. Is this just ANOTHER coincidence?

And does anyone know the whereabouts of Ariel Sharon on September 11, 2001? Can anyone prove that he was not in the vicinity of the Pentagon? Are we seriously expected to believe this is merely another COINCIDENCE?

More and more new evidence comes to light. Sharon almost rhymes with Pentagon. Can anyone say with a straight face that this is just ANOTHER coincidence? Perhaps, but there are too many coincidences to believe they are ALL coincidences.

Consider this quote from human ballistics expert Brian Damage.

"Happily, the art of human ballistics has reached such a pitch of perfection that it's no more dangerous than shaving with a chainsaw."

Has anyone ever seen Ariel Sharon shave? Can anyone refute the claim that he uses a chainsaw? Is this simply ANOTHER coincidence that we are supposed to blindly ACCEPT? The sheeple will say without a hint of irony that he uses razor blades without a SHRED of evidence to back up that claim. That is not a scientific way to go about things. With no conclusive evidence to back up their claims we MUST accept the possibility that Ariel Sharon shaves with a chainsaw and IS therefore a practitioner in human ballistics.


Note the building in the background that appears to be the Pentagon. Note also that the figure fired from the cannon appears to have the same size and mass of Ariel Sharon compared to the size of the Pentagon. Is this ANOTHER coincidence that we are supposed to blindly accept. What sort of FOOLS do THEY take us for?

If you are not blind AND a fool you are COMPELLED to agree that Ariel Sharon was fired from a cannon into the Pentagon. How he managed to escape is hard to say. The most probable method is molecular displacement transportation, which is ADMITTED by Israel to be at a HIGHLY ADVANCED LEVEL although it is top secret and no one knows anything about it.

But the true truth may be stranger still. Sharon may be only a pawn in a much greater conspiracy. Leading amateur cosmologist Ivor Scruloos has proposed the mind boggling theory that the solar system may be nothing more than a giant pinball game for an interplanetary Illuminati. Although these claims have never been proved the fact they have never been refuted either is suspicious enough that one may be FORCED to accept them.

The Solar system


A Pinball machine


Pinball wizard Tommy who is deaf, dumb AND blind like those who accept the official version of events.


You can DENY what has been written here BUT you can NOT deny the FACTS so then you are COMPELLED to accept the conclusion and THIS you CAN NOT DENY!!!! I am not a ballistics expert and do not know whether Ariel Sharon COULD have MADE the damage shown to THE Pentagon. However, I am NOT simply willing to take the OPINION of so called 'EXPERTS' who SAY only what they are PAID to. The FACT that NO 'EXPERT' has come forward to REFUTE these CLAIMS is PROOF of their ferocity.

'Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how unlikely, must be the truth.' Sherlock Holmes


Author - Seymour Sense

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