911 Truth Revealed - NO PLANES HIT THE WTCs

A number of theories have arisen concerning the planes that hit the WTCs. Many believe the aircraft were military drones flown by remote control, others that missiles were used, disguised as planes with holographic technology.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is how many eyewitnesses compared the planes to BIRDS. NOW WHY would they SAY that?!?!?!?

Open your mind and it becomes OBVIOUS. The planes really WERE BIRDS!!!!

My theory is:


You can DENY this but you can NOT DENY it, when you SEE the FACTS

Note the similar profiles



Here is a picture of an albatross CHICK!!!! How BIG do these things GROW????!!!!!



The following photographs are very interesting.


BUT it wasn't an albatross that hit THE Pentagon!!! The dive and approach are all wrong, also the crash damage. A kestrel or peregrine falcon is more likely.

note the folded back wing tips.


It should be noted that this is no 'kook' theory but one based on proven science. Genetic engineering is used every day in many applications. Mind control of animals has been achieved in many experiments - who is to say that the US military are not more advanced in this area than they let on. This may sound unlikely, but that is because of the herd programming the mainstream media have drilled into you. Once you throw off the sheeple mentality and open your mind to the possibility you are COMPELLED to ACCEPT that giant albatrosses were flown into the WTCs and a peregrine falcon into the Pentagon.


Author - Seymour Sense


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