The Moon Landings are Fake New Photographic Analysis Proves

'One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.'

Neil Armstrong's famous words as he stepped on to the lunar surface.

The world watched with awe and wonder at what, some would say, is humanity's greatest achievement.

Many, however were sceptical of the lunar landings. For a long time I considered these sceptics to be merely kranks and conspiracy theorists. The evidence for the moon landings seemed too strong and the thought that a hoodwinking of this scale could be played out in front of millions round the world was simply ludicrous. A secret that big couldn't be kept for so long. I had read about some of the anomalies in the stunning (some would say too stunning) photographs that were taken on the lunar surface and was intrigued by some of the claims made, that the images could not possibly have been taken on the moon. However, no conclusive evidence could be gained from these photos. For a long time I didn't give the matter much thought. It was only the development of new technologies that led me back to the question of whether men had really walked on the moon.

Much of my work is in video editing and image enhancement.. I had been using the latest neon filtering software and was highly impressed with the enhancement capablities. Details that were normally invisible became easily discernible with only a few mouse clicks. Just for the hell of it decided to try the new software on the moon landing photographs. I had no expectations that I would find anything anomalous. Quite the contrary. I assumed it would merely reinforce my belief that the photographs were genuine.

The results were astonishing and confounded my beliefs utterly. Afterwards I was in no doubt that the photographs from the Apollo missions were not taken on the surface of the moon. In each of the photographs I tested a curious anomoly became apparent after filtering.


The original photograph of Buzz Aldrin viewing the American flag on the moon's surface.


When we examine this photograph using the latest neon filtering software, we see something quite odd.


The image of a bird can quite clearly be seen flying from left to right across the camera's vision. Judging by the bird's shape and method of flight, we can ascertain that it is a gliding seabird, most probably an albatross.

When we examine other photographs from the Apollo missions, we encounter this anomaly again and again.


How the photograph normally appears.



And after the neon filtering software.

The same anomaly - the image of a very large albatross..





Again we see an abnormally large albatross.


How many times have you seen this famous photograph.


But filtered, a quite different picture appears - that of a giant albatross.


With no water for fish to swim in, it's quite unlikely that a giant albatross could survive on the moon as it would have no food supply. It must therefore be concluded that these photographs are terrestrial in origin and do not show human beings on the surface of the moon as is commonly supposed. Almost certainly the photographs were taken on a beach somewhere. The albatrosses which intruded into these evidently staged photographs were edited out afterwards.

One can only conclude that the Apollo missions were a hoax.


Author - Seymour Sense

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