The Shocking Truth about KFC - What Happens to the Unsold Chicken Parts

Some months ago, a rumour made its way across the Internet that fast-food chain KFC could no longer use the word chicken in the company name, as KFC products came from a creature genetically altered to the point it could no longer be so classified.

Like much on the Internet, this story turned out to be urban legend, with no basis in fact. Some think it may even have been put out by KFC itself, to detract attention from more harmful allegations, ones less easy to debunk, based as they are, in truth. My own research into KFC, in which I have uncovered things yet darker and more disturbing than any urban legend about genetically altered birds, would indicate this to be the case.

Whatever the working practices (see, KFC sell plenty of chickens; reported sales of $361.3 million for the last quarter of 2004 indicate 36 million birds killed. However, in the same period, KFC actually slaughtered 39 million chickens for their products; a discrepancy of three million chickens. It is reasonable to ask what happened to these three million chickens. Perhaps KFC staff are given chickens as a bonus for hard work. You will be unsurprised to find out this is not the case. In fact, I have it on good authority that many chickens are plucked and cooked for selling but not sold. Apparently the surplus is produced to ensure a constant chicken supply, albeit a certain amount of chicken goes to waste. But is this really likely? Are we to believe one of the world’s most successful companies operates in this manner? Surely if KFC produced more chickens than it sold it would be unprofitable. Ensuring a constant supply of chickens is an implausible explanation for the chicken shortfall and can be dismissed. What then are we to make of this overproduction of chickens?

The KFC website ( is very interesting. It tells us that the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken is a closely guarded secret, developed by KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders.

According to KFC:

“For years, Colonel Harland Sanders carried the secret formula for his Kentucky Fried Chicken in his head and the spice mixture in his car. Today, the recipe is locked away in a safe in Louisville, Ky. Only a handful of people know that multi-million dollar recipe (and they've signed strict confidentiality contracts) …

… Today, security precautions protecting the recipe would make even James Bond proud.”

Why so much security for a recipe for chicken? Surely anyone could discover the constituents using a simple chemical analysis of a KFC meal. Are the following procedures really necessary?

“One company blends a formulation that represents only part of the recipe. Another spice company blends the remainder. A computer processing system is used to safeguard and standardize the blending of the products, but neither company has the complete recipe.”

Even companies that create nuclear weapons don’t have such high security. There is no chance that a mere recipe for creating chicken sauce could demand such procedures. Therefore we must assume that ‘recipe’ is in fact a code word. To find out what it means we must examine the personality of Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Colonel Sanders


It is a well-known fact that one of Colonel Sanders' favourite books was Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. With this knowledge the truth becomes clear. Colonel Sanders created a fast food chain merely as a front. The real purpose was to create life from inanimate matter. ‘Recipe’ is clearly a code word for this procedure - a set of instructions for how to make a living ‘Frankenstein Chicken’ from inanimate, cooked chicken parts.


How the Kentucky Frankenstein Chicken might look:


Never could Colonel Sanders have imagined his dream being realised on so vast a scale - millions of chickens a year created from unsold KFC baskets - a vast army of Frankenstein chickens. The despicable purpose of these terrible birds we can only guess. Considering that chickens cannot fly it is hard to see what use they would be; possibly another type of bird is being created - a giant albatross, perhaps. But this is mere speculation. The most important thing is that the truth be known. We must expose this abominable Kentucky Frankenstein Chicken scam and stop these evil corporate swine from meddling with things they shouldn't before something even more terrible happens.

Author - Hanu Berkook


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