Members of the Jedi religion expressed outrage over the final instalment of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, Revenge of the Sith, in London today. They say the film is an insult to the Jedi religion, the fourth largest in the United Kingdom.

The film shows the defeat of the Jedi by their arch enemies, the Sith. The Jedi outrage stems mainly from the depiction of Jedi Annakin Skywalker turning to the dark side of the force, killing children and aiding the rise of the evil nazi like empire. The Jedi say this is an insult to their faith. Also considered offensive was the battle between the two most powerful practitioners of the force, Yoda and Sidius, in which the jedi master, Yoda, was defeated, suggesting that the dark side of the force is more powerful. This is completely at odds with the Jedi belief expressed by Yoda, in The Empire Strikes Back, that the dark side of the force is not stronger.

The Jedi were also offended that the so called “chosen one” had been portrayed as weak minded and emotional, shown crying in one scene. “It’s not fair!” a distraught jedi blurted between sobs, “Jedi have complete control over their emotions and would never be seen crying. ”

Opinions of what action to take over the film varied. Some have decided merely to boycott Lucas’ films. Others wanted a boycott of the entire United States, but were told not to be silly. A few felt compelled to set fire to film studios in Hollywood. Nobody could quite figure out why as Revenge of the Sith was not filmed in Hollywood. Others called for the execution of Lucas, or at least that he should be forbidden from making any more films. When it was pointed out to them that without Lucas the Jedi would never have had the chance to practice their religion in the first place the reaction was hostile: “Yes, Lucas gave us our religion but this is going to far. He must show respect for his characters,” said one Jedi, before burning an effigy of Chewbacca.

In the meantime the Jedi have taken their complaint to the UN, asking that future Star Wars films must never again offend their religion. Publicly Kofi Annan expressed understanding, though privately he is purported to have said, “It’s only a f***ing film.” So far Lucas himself has refused to comment.



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