Cruise - Apache helicopters to protect baby from 911 style psychiatry attack?

Felix R. Auden

Is Tom Cruise considering purchasing Apache helicopter gunships to protect his soon to be born baby from a 911 style attack using passenger aircraft? This question is being asked today.

Cruise is the most famous member of the Church of Scientology, many of whose members believe that 911 was masterminded by psychiatrists who brainwashed the hijackers into carrying out the attacks. In scientology doctrine psychiatrists are believed to have aided Xenu, an evil intergalactic ruler (whom Cruise is rumoured to have hired bodyguards to protect him from), in killing trillions of people to solve galactic overcrowding. Some believe Tom became fearful of his life after hearing the song, Message from Xenu (downloadable at http//, which describes how Xenu is coming to get him in a DC8 plane.

Why Cruise should believe psychiatrists would target his baby is not clear. As the most famous Scientologist Cruise may think that his child will have magical powers or become a charismatic religious leader spreading scientology doctrine.

Although the high cost of Apache helicopter, around $50 million each, would seem prohibitive, it is possible that Cruise could pick up second hand models for less. And considering that Cruise is reported to earn $20 million dollars a movie the gunships’ cost may not be an insurmountable problem.

“You don’t know psychiatry, I do!” Tom famously declared on a popular TV chat show.

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