The 911 Albatross - Separating Truth From Disinformation

With the limited information at our disposal it is essential that all serious investigators of 911truth be mindful of the sort of disinformation those who wish to muddy the waters put out. Most prominent of these are the theories that deny that planes were used in the attacks. A popular theory is that no plane hit the Pentagon, but in fact a missile or truck bomb. Another theory asserts that what appeared to be planes hitting the WTCs were in fact missiles cloaked by holograms. One particularly ridiculous theory, which is obviously disinformation, states that giant albatrosses from Atlantis hit the twin towers and a kestrel hit the Pentagon.

At first this seems comical, but serious 911 researchers must be wary of laughing at such obvious disinformation. The effect is serious. That giant albatrosses hit the WTCs and a kestrel the Pentagon is quite obviously nonsensical. If the Atlantians flew albatrosses into the WTCs why change the method of attack for the Pentagon? And everyone knows that kestrels aren’t found at sea. The, ‘no albatross hit the Pentagon’, theory is poison pill disinfo. No serious 911 researcher should associate with it.

The albatross theory itself, though at first glance compelling, is I believe also disinformation. Yes, many of the eyewitnesses compared the planes to birds, but we must consider other factors. Chief among these is the problem of mass.

At a thousand solar masses, a star collapses under its own gravity to form what science terms a black hole. This is a region of space with infinite density where the laws of general relativity break down and something called quantum gravity holds sway.

Now, at Chandrasekhar’s mass limit of 1.4 solar masses a star like our own sun collapses to form a white dwarf. If a star or any other body is considerably more massive than a white dwarf the star’s internal pressure is insufficient to stop the collapse and a region of infinite density is created. In other words, a black hole.

By definition a giant albatross is considerably more massive than a dwarf, so any giant albatross, by definition, would have collapsed to form a black hole. But the mass of a giant albatross black hole would be so great it would fall straight through the earth and end up in Australia!

So much for the albatross theory. Of course this raises some interesting side issues. It’s quite possible that a million solar mass giant albatross resides at the heart of our galaxy. It also means that any giant albatross would be quite invisible as no light can escape its gravitational pull. And perhaps the Atlantians have created an anti gravity wave that could keep the giant albatross from falling through the earth. Perhaps giant albatrosses are flying all around us, unobserved, as we go about our affairs, unmindful of the mysteries that affect every one of us.


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