Shocking!!!! Atlantis Did 911 – The Irrefutable Evidence

In this article I intend to prove beyond all doubt that the attacks on America were committed by Atlantis. Although this sounds unlikely there are two very good reasons why I believe Atlantis is responsible.

1) I’m mad.

2) I don’t like Atlantis, therefore Atlantis MUST be responsible.

I have no evidence to support the theory that Atlantis carried out 911 but since we have already established their guilt it stands to reason that such evidence exists so let’s see what we can find.

First, a lot of people have said some things about 911 smell fishy. This is really all the evidence we need but there is more, much more.

Let's consider the geography of the attacks. Here is a map of where the planes were hijacked.

And here is a map showing the location of the Bermuda triangle.

Now let’s combine the two and see how they compare.

We see that the geographical locations of the planes being hijacked almost perfectly mirrors the Bermuda Triangle. The chances of this happening by chance are a billion to one. Therefore we must accept the conclusion that the Bermuda Triangle was a major factor in the hijacking of the planes, probably the cause. Obviously the ability to alter the triangle’s geographical location would be necessary but this is most likely well within the capabilities of the people of Atlantis.

Now let’s move onto the planes. Here is a photograph of one of the planes that crashed into the WTCs.

Using x-ray filtering software we can reveal the plane's underlying skeleton.

Quite clearly the 'plane' is nothing of the sort, but in fact a giant flying fish.

And when we look at the video taken from the Pentagon, again we see something fishy.

Let's zoom in and compare what we see to a flying fish.

An almost perfect match. Quite clearly there were no planes involved, just enormous flying fish. It’s common knowledge that many species of fish can change their appearance to disguise themselves, sole for example can perfectly mimic the area of seabed they cover. It is not hard to imagine a highly evolved breed of flying fish that could disguise themselves as commercial aircraft. It’s also quite possible that a race of humans living under the sea would be highly advanced in genetic manipulation and could create fish for purposes such as this.

The jigsaw puzzle is complete. All the pieces fit. The planes disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle, the position of which was altered by the Atlantians. The passengers were taken off the plane and killed. The planes were blown up and, with the dead passengers, fed to giant flying fish. The fish were sent out through the Bermuda Triangle, and, swimming at great speed, propelled themselves into the air towards their targets. As they got closer they camouflaged themselves as commercial airliners. On impact with their targets they exploded, completely disintegrating to cause the fishy smell that witnesses mentioned. The acid from the fishes' stomachs corroded the steel cores of the World Trade Centres, causing the buildings to collapse.

An additional possibility is that the fish were followed by giant albatrosses to ensure they reached their targets. These birds would swallow the fish in mid air if their trajectories dipped below their targets. This would explain why so many witnesses compared the planes to birds.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that Atlantis was responsible, consider who benefited most from 911. Humans above the surface of the earth had been enjoying a long period of relative peace. Obviously if this continued it would be disastrous for Atlantis. Humans might start exploring the sea and discover the lost city. The goal of Atlantis has always been to ensure that humans on land are divided, preferably in a state of conflict. The 911 attacks have fulfilled these criteria. Cui Bono - Atlantis is guilty - means, motive, method. As Sherlock Holmes said, ‘When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, MUST be the truth.’

Author - Ivor Skrooloos


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