SHOCKING!!! - The Schwarzenegger 911 Connection

The official line is that 19 Arabs with boxcutters carried out 911. I guess if you believe that you'll believe just about anything. The truth is 911 was carried out by cyborgs from the future - Terminators. I saw some documentaries by James Cameron about it. The idea was to kill the future leader of the human resistance - maybe before he is even conceived. The terminators were just being systematic - probably all they knew was that John Conner worked at the WTC. The Pentagon strike was to kill his future wife's father - who knew all about weapons and stuff - all this is described in the documentaries. The most cunning part is they made films about it beforehand to cover their tracks - like the murdering authoress in Basic Instinct - it's the perfect alibi. The evidence is there in celluloid. Now one of these terminators is governor of the world's fifth largest economy and a possible future president of the United States with his finger on the nuclear button. Coincidence? I don't think so.


Author - Ivor Scrooloos


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